Agenda for Annual General Meeting 2022

3.Review of Previous Minutes
Motion: To accept the minutes of the Initial General Meeting.
4.Annual Report
Motion: To adopt the Annual Report.
5.Treasurer’s Report
Motion: To adopt the Treasurer’s Report and annual financial statements.
6.Proposal to amend Constitution and Rules

Motion: To amend clause 3.1(b) of the Constitution and Rules to read as follows: “bargain for sustainable, liveable, and secure incomes across the hospitality sector;”.

Motion: To fix membership dues for the 2022-23 year at the amount of a one-off payment of $10.00 for each Member and a $10.00 voluntary donation for each Solidarity Member, payable from 1 August 2022, to be paid no later than 1 September 2022.

Motion: To introduce clause 27.2 of the Constitution and Rules to read as follows:  “Exemptions will be made by the RBHU Committee on a case-by-case basis for Members who are experiencing financial hardship or unemployment. 

Motion: To introduce clause 27.3 of the Constitution and Rules to read as follows:  “A Member defaults on their dues payment if dues are not paid by 1 September 2022 and the Member does not have an exemption. A Member must be informed in writing of their default in payment and asked to pay the required dues. If a Member does not pay the required dues within 30 days of receiving a notice requiring payment, the Treasurer may, with the consent of the Leader, terminate the Members’ membership of the Union. The Member must be given notice in writing of a decision to terminate their membership.”
7.Call for Nominations of Committee Members
8.Election of Committee Members
9.General Business