Vaccine Requirements for Hospitality

Hospo employers working onsite and all employees must be vaccinated. This applies whether or not your employer requires customers to present a ‘My Vaccine Pass’. The only exception to this mandate is when a business is solely a takeaway venue.

If your employer is unvaccinated or allowing unvaccinated employees onto the premises (without an exceptional reason), you can raise concerns in writing, refusing to work until all employees are vaccinated. If you do, refer to section 83 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015: “Right of worker to cease or refuse to carry out unsafe work”. Email your concern to the company directors and your manager.

What does section 83 of the Health and Safety at Work Act say?

You have a right t cease, or refuse to carry out work if you believe on reasonable grounds that it would expose you, or another person, to a serious risk to your health or safety.

You need to attempt to resolve the matter with your employer as soon as practicable. In the meantime, your employer can direct you to carry out alternative work if it is safe and within the scope of your employment agreement.