Covid 19 Level 4 Employment Rights

Can my employer request that I come to work during Alert Level 4?

Several hospo workers have messaged Raise the Bar Hospo Union today asking if their employer can force them to come into work under Alert Level 4. The short answer is F*CK NO!

Here’s an infographic we’ve put together to empower workers to know their rights:

Employment Rights Fact Sheet

Can my employer request that I come to work during Alert Level 4?

Businesses are closed except for essential services – for example supermarkets, pharmacies, clinics, petrol stations, and lifeline utilities will stay open.

Accomodation services can open to customers during Alert Level 4. Buy, if your employer needs to you work on side, the should:

1. Limit the number of people onsite so everyone can safely stay 2 meters apart

2. Offer flexible working arrangements, for example, staggered meal breaks, or staggered start and finish times to help with physical distancing.

3. Clean and disinfect your workplace regularly.

4. Provide employees with handwashing facilities.

5. Have personal protecive equipment (PPE) available for employees to use.

6. Display your QR code and have an alternative contact tracing system for workers and customers to use.

If businesses cannot meet all Alert Level 4 rules to operate safely, employees should not go to work.

If a workplace needs to stay open employees may be asked to show whom they work for so they can prove they have a reason to travel. We recommend employers provide workers with a letter to confirm who they are and their roles.