Meet Our Team

Raise the Bar Hospitality Union Incorporated (RBHU) has a democratically-elected committee of hospitality workers and supporters who steer the union and manage our campaigns. We also have a team of passionate volunteers who deliver our legal advocacy and our media and communications. We continue to develop our structure and welcome your ideas and involvement on how you would like everything to look at RBHU.

Committee Members for Raise the Bar Hospitality Union Incorporated

Chloe Ann-King

Leader + Media and Communications Strategist, BVA, PGD Teaching (Secondary), PGC (Human Rights)

Chloe is the Founder of RBHU, she organises the media and communication strategy, hospo and welfare advocacy, employment law education, and the team at RBHU. She’s worked hospo for 16-years (and counting!) in nearly every position from FOH, bar, floor, and the kitchen. 

She’s volunteered for unions for 10-years and has been a workers rights activist for 15-years. Chloe has also written extensively about the impacts of low-waged work, addiction and recovery, and our punitive welfare system and has been published both nationally and internationally. 

In a previous life she trained as a secondary teacher and was a visual artist.

Toby Cooper

Employment Advocate and Treasurer, LLB.

I’m Toby! Over the past five years, I’ve worked as an employment lawyer and legal advocate. This mostly involves keyboard work (sadly, not the musical kind).

In my career, I’ve always been driven to use my skills to empower everyday people and battle for decent working conditions. That’s why you’ll find me in the volunteer legal team at RBHU, providing advice and support to hospo workers.

I’m also the Secretary on your RBHU Committee, which mostly means more keyboard work (once again, not the musical kind). Being your Secretary involves organising meetings, recording minutes, and managing the admin needed to keep the union chugging along.

In my spare time, I’m a fan of card games. That’s right… I’m a legal shark AND a card shark.

Anne-Lise Mornard-Stott


My name is Anne-Lise, I am a coffee roaster based in Petone. Originally from France, I’ve worked in hospitality for over 10 years in restaurants, bars, and cafes before moving into coffee production.

I first heard of Raise The Bar through news articles about issues in the hospitality industry, where Chloe would be one of the few people to speak on behalf of workers. I’ve been through and witnessed my share of problems in my career and I wanted to help improve working conditions in the industry.

I’m currently studying part-time towards a Bachelor of IT and when I’m not doing that or working, I love spending time with my family, playing piano, and sewing all sorts of costumes I never wear.

C V R Shastry

Deputy Leader

Kia Ora all

I am C V R Shastry (simply addressed with my initials CV) . As a migrant worker, and an international student, I have worked hospitality as a dishwasher since before the lockdowns hit and disrupted the Hospitality industry in Aotearoa New Zealand, and am still working in the hospitality sector.

I think it would be important to have a voice primarily for our rangatahi, the young workers, whether they are school leavers or school/tertiary education students, to endorse and advocate for them. As your deputy leader at RBHU, I dedicate my role primarily to our younger generation of hospitality workers entering the workforce, with dreams and ambitions of having a sustainable career in the hospitality sector. Likewise, as a migrant worker, it would be helpful to have the well-being of my fellow hospitality migrant workers being protected at the workplace and their overall well-being taken care of. However, I am equally an advocate for ALL hospitality workers, who looks forward to a career in hospitality , or is here on casual contracts.

When not at my hospitality job, I love reading, tech, healthcare, sports, events, and the occasional tramping

Others Who Support Us

Ben McMahon

Website Developer / Online Strategy

Ben McMahon is a website developer and digital strategist that works with a variety of charities advocating for human and animal rights. With his partner Emma, BE Business was set up while traveling overseas and used to fund their travels and help worthy causes with their skills.

Having worked in hospitality for many years during university and experiencing the poor working conditions and hours, Ben offered to help Raise The Bar with their online presence and online strategy as a donation to their fantastic work.

Peter Moore

Employment Advocate, LLB (hons), BA (university of Chicago), DipTch

Peter grew up in America but has lived in Aotearoa for almost 30 years. He used to be a teacher and was very active in the PPTA Secondary Teachers union, with leadership positions at local, regional and national levels. He left teaching over ten years ago, retrained as a lawyer and has been an employment advocate for nine years. He currently volunteers at Community Law and is also a board member on Workplace Support, one of Aotearoa’s oldest EAP providers. Peter volunteers for our Legal Clinic, consults on complicated employment cases, and reviews some of our Personal Grievance letters.