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Missing voices in media marking the switch to Orange
The easing of restrictions on pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants after the Covid traffic light went 'Orange' this week was celebrated by media urging us to 'put on our dancing ...
Covid-19: Hospitality staff fear risks to health heading into Omicron phase 2
Changes to contact tracing means cafes and restaurants may not be notified if a customer tests positive. Many say that doesn't sit right.
Damning report shines light on shocking working conditions of NZ's café and restaurant workers
The survey found half of hospitality staff in NZ have experienced or witnessed harassment.
What does the end of vaccine passes mean for restaurants, cafes and bars?
It's become part of the ritual of dining out, but flashing your vax pass will soon be a thing of the past – and for some hospo workers, their demise is bittersweet.
Beef about sausage rolls
John Bishop has penned an opinion piece about wanting to get a sausage roll from a local petrol station. Chloe Ann King is a hospitality advocate, behind Raise the Bar, a hospitality industry union.

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Explained: hospitality and retail workers’ rights during level four
Understanding your rights as an employee can be super confusing at the best of times and in a lockdown, working out your entitlements gets even trickier. Here's a guide to questions you might ...
Hospitality workers ready to walk out on industry
The Level 4 lockdown may be the final nail in the coffin, hospitality workers say.
Covid-19: Some hospitality workers asked to work during lockdown in apparent breach of restrictions
While some are asked to come in to work, others say they've been told to take annual leave during lockdown. Neither is legal.
Top Auckland restaurant Pasture to add service fee to bill
Acclaimed restaurateur Ed Verner says a service charge will help him pay staff a living wage.
Hospitality Industry Union blames 'exploitive' low wages for employment shortage
After 15 years in the kitchen and paid $1 above minimum wage, a senior chef is putting the knives down.
A deeply unsympathetic media campaign
Employers have put their hands out for more migrant workers to fill gaps in their rosters over the last two weeks, but their campaign may have hit a sour note.
Better pay and conditions will fill hospitality roles in NZ
A long-time hospitality worker and union rep says the sector's staff shortage isn't just down to border retrictions and if employers offered better pay and conditions the roles would be ...
Newly-empowered workers' demand to hospitality employers: 'Pay us more'
A Palmerston North waiting job advertised at $15/hr highlights the industry's reliance on low wages. But now workers are turning the tables.
Kiwi hospo workers say career offers bad wages, little advancement
Hospitality workers say the job is not considered a good career path in New Zealand with low wages, long hours and few incentives.
'Ask for $30': Hospitality workers have 'massive bargaining' power right now, ...
A hospitality worker says there is no skilled labour shortage, it's just that the industry isn't paying workers enough.
Hospo union says there's a wage shortage, not a labour shortage
A hospitality worker says there is no skilled labour shortage, it's that worker pay is too low - but the industry says there aren't enough skilled New Zealanders to fill the jobs.

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